Pamlea Lovett

3. Aquage: SeaExtend Infusion


This product is a powerful 60-second rinse out treatment that I totally swear by! It is the ultimate in hair repair. One application and your hair feels as though it has a whole new life. Using this product is like stepping into your favorite salon and getting your Friday blowout.  I swear by this stuff.

It not only replenishes my hair’s moisture levels, but it creates a natural silky texture for days. This product contains exclusive Algeaplex technology with the healing powers of organic seaweeds and algae.  It is totally free of parabens, sodium chloride and sulfates. It is also safe for keratin treated hair. I use this product once a week in place of my daily conditioner.  It is a necessary part of my routine and I highly recommend every woman to try it at least once. You will be addicted!