Pamlea Lovett

My Story

PamealLovetteBioPicI have been in the design industry for over twenty years. From fashion, to interior, to living floral art, to jewelry – I have always been intrigued with the art of creating and designing things which are uniquely beautiful. Pamela Lovett Jewelry is the expression of my passion for unexpected beauty and my joy in creating timeless period necklaces which accent the unique individuality of the women adorned by them. Many necklaces are vintage inspired, heirloom quality and carefully crafted by hand. These exclusive designs contain eclectic pieces remotely uncovered from countries around the world, including Africa, Spain, Israel, Ghana and Nepal. I also create casual and fun pieces which are quite affordable. Of all my expressions of creativity, Pamela Lovett Jewelry brings me the greatest reward because of the joy my necklaces bring to the women who wear them.

On a personal note, I grew up in a loving family with my parents and three sisters – Jennifer, Veronica and Alex. At twenty-one, I met my husband of twenty-six years, Dean. We have six wonderful children from ten to twenty-four years of age. Parenting has been joyful, challenging, euphoric, terrifying, and, in general, a “wild toad” ride, but never boring. Our home is noisy, kids and friends coming and going – laughter and shouting all melding into one. I wouldn’t have it any other way. A wife, a mother and an entrepreneur. I suppose I have three careers!

The Significance of a Bell on Exclusive Necklace Designs

For centuries, the sound of a bell has signified a call to unity and action. The bell has been used to announce marriage and birth, proclaim victory in war, new beginnings, village congregations, and family dinner time.  The placement of bells on exclusive necklaces represent my belief that we need community and are here to serve one another. It is my hope that each jingle of a bell will remind the wearer that we need to consistently lose ourselves in the service of those in need.