Pamlea Lovett

New Brand/New Mountains to Climb

Clients from my earlier days will remember that I began the jewelry business as “Love Does Jewelry.” I liked the name and the message conveyed, but over time, I realized that people referred to all my pieces as “Pamela Lovett this,” or “Pamela Lovett that.” Many clients, by mistake, were even writing checks to me, rather than “Love Does Jewelry.” One day, my husband pointed out that the marketplace was telling me that “Pamela Lovett” was the brand, and that I needed to ditch the “Love Does Jewelry,” monicker. So, voila, we rebranded!

Along with the rebranding came the need for a major overhaul to the website. The “Love Does Jewelry” site needed both a new name and lots of work to bring it up to the standards of the ever-evolving collections. Our new website now contains all the elements that visitors require in order to understand what my jewelry is about, reflect the quality of that jewelry, and enjoy a simple and efficient online shopping experience.

Along with our new name and website, we are focused on expanding the business and market awareness regarding who we are and what we offer. We are launching a major campaign to sell to exclusive boutiques throughout the country.  Attending major trade shows is a top priority in order to meet prospective buyers from around the country.  You’ll note that our “Wholesale” tab is geared toward exclusive boutiques and how they can become re-sellers of our jewelry. In order to make the general public aware of our “wearable art jewelry,” and easy online shopping, we are also launching a major social media campaign via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, GooglePlus, and YouTube.


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