Pamlea Lovett

Re-Branding the Jewelry Line

After opening my jewelry business last year as “Love Does Jewelry,” I decided to re-brand my line as “Pamela Lovett.” I began selling my original pieces out of my home in Charlotte by hosting intimate trunk shows within my friend group. As my line grew and more of my friends endorsed my new endeavor, the brand became recognizable around the city. Although, instead of being coined with the Love Does brand, my pieces were referred to as “a Pamela Lovett necklace.” I even overheard other women being asked if they were wearing a “Pamela Lovett” piece. Due to the uniqueness of my jewelry style, it became very clear that the brand I was building was not Love Does, but simply, Pamela Lovett. Flattering and simple, the new name began a new chapter. A new generation of Pamela Lovett Jewelry! The rest is history…

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